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Salvaged Inspirations Dixie Belle Paint Dresser

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Nashville Wifestyles Dixie Belle Paint Company

Nashville WifestylesMy other daughter’s room is shabby chic princess and in soft pinks, gold, grey and white. I ended up getting their lilac collection and decided to get a solid color lilac crib sheet, a personalized crib sheet with anchors, a crib blanket for when she’s a tad older, a crib comforter for when we turn it [...]

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Dear Creatives Dixie Belle Paint

I am finally happy to share a couple of DIY Craft Projects. These two are super easy. We all love easy projects right? What I love about this project is anyone can do it. You can change chalk paint colors to match decor and totally change the sayings or design based on your needs.I had the [...]

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Craftsman Finishes Dixie Belle Paint Blog

Today we are going to look at the huge impact some light paint can have in your spaces. The before and afters are simply stunning… a fresh coat of white paint and an entirely different look and design.Let’s start small and look at changing some bathroom cabinets. We lightened the cabinets with a paint [...]

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How to use ALL of our products!

How does Dixie Belle Paint work?Dixie Belle paint has superb adhesion qualities which allow you to skip the sanding and priming prep required of other paints.  Best of all, after it’s dry, if you’d like a softer look, take a 220-sanding sponge and quickly buff, and your project is smooth as silk. NO wax required.Do I need to clean the surface [...]

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All Things New Again Dixie Belle Blog

How To Create Authentic Rust and Patina Without Waiting Around for Mother NatureI was pumping gas the other day when I looked down and noticed the most beautiful little bit of green patina around the gas tank on the ground.I don’t usually notice these things. I also don’t usually use the words “gas station” and “beautiful patina” in the same [...]

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Making Room At The Kitchen Sink

A small house comes with it’s own set of challenges. Mostly having enough space to not feel cramped and having room to display some trinkets. Our kitchen sink has a window above it which is awesome, but I’ve always wanted some type of shelf for plants and/or knick knacks. Alan finally surprised me with a [...]

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Pink and White Striped Dresser

Christy from Confessions of a Serial DIYer shared this awesome blog with us!I’m sharing another makeover of a makeover, only this is a piece I’ve had as long as my 14 year old…his baby changing table! Then it got passed down to my younger son when he was born. After he no longer needed it as a changing table (and because [...]

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Art of Style & Grace Wendy Cassidy

Art of Style & GraceA few summers ago I became infatuated with chalk paint.  It requires no sanding, or priming. Simply prep a piece to be painted by wiping it down and then starting to paint.  I was thrilled to be asked to review Dixie Belle Paint and I knew exactly which project I would tackle.A while [...]

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